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Seaairs by (Javad Shadzi) Crossover Kit

(Sold as Pair.)       Links.  FaceBook Post #seaairspeakers


-(Inductors) JFcomponents air core inductors are tightly wound with its baked enamel coating make a perfect small footprint low DC resistance coil. All copper is New 99.99% oxygen free.


-(Capacitors) All MKP capacitors are constructed of metallized polypropylene, especially manufactured for audio application. The 400M and 160M series capacitors are designed to compete with any Metallized Poly Cap on the market. Available in a wide range of capacitance values with low tolerance. Superb detail and a all around great sounding capacitor!


-(Resistors) JFcomponents Audio resistors are tight 1% tolerance resistors, wire wound construction with no loss in audio pass-thur.

Seaairs Crossover Kit.

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