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Cabinet damping material 16" x 18" wide each yard. 1/2" thick. 

Sold per pc. 16"x 18"
Blended: Recycled Wool Felt 3/8" thick with 1/8" tighter wooven felt for glue platform.


Premium sound deadening Material

Easily mold-able for your use. 

This material is approximately 1/2" inches thick.

This is made from 100% recycled wool Felt fiber.

The color lots may vary slightly between rolls.

If you purchase a quantity 1 you will receive a piece that is 16” inches wide by 18” inches long.
This can be handled without gloves and does not contain any irritants or carcinogens.
This can be cut with a razor knife, shears, or scissors.
Other uses include sound deadening boards, wall or side panel insulation, and floor padding.

Covers surface irregularities
Non-allergenic – no odors
Moisture and mildew resistance
Produced from 100% Recycled wool fibers
Excellent thermal insulation and acoustical properties

Very Soft to the touch

Premium Recycled Wool Felt Cabinet Damping material 16"x 18"x 1/2" thick

SKU: REwool-16x18
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