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The compact DX20BF00-04 semi-horn loaded 3/4" silk dome tweeter from Peerless achieves a remarkably low resonant frequency for its size by using a wide surround and large resonant chamber. With smooth response and low distortion, this is an excellent choice for smaller 2-way designs and car audio systems.

Key Features

   Matched Pair

 Compatible Jig Insert. TJ-2-67MM

  • Triple ferrite motor improves power handling over similar neodymium designs
  • Extremely flat response from 1,500 Hz to 20,000 Hz up to 30° off axis
  • The deep magnet design creates a large resonant chamber for a lower Fs
  • Semi horn loading the dome improves efficiency and controls dispersion
BrandPeerless by Tymphany
Part Number264-1472
Unit of MeasureEach

Product Specifications

Cone / Dome Diameter0.75"
Cutout Diameter1.91
Tweeter TypeSoft Dome
Power Handling (RMS)60 Watts
Frequency Response2,500 to 20,000Hz
Sensitivity86.9dB 2.83V/1m

Thiele-Small Parameters

Resonant Frequency (Fs)822.1Hz
DC Resistance (Re)2.81Ω
Voice Coil Inductance (Le)0.01mH
Mechanical Q (Qms)2.24
Electromagnetic Q (Qes)2.93
Total Q (Qts)1.27

Mounting Information

Overall Outside Diameter2.6"

Peerless DX20BF00-04 3/4" Tweeter 4 Ohm (Matched Pair)

SKU: DX20BF00-04-MP
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