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The MAC-06 is a 6.5” cast frame woofer featuring an attractive anodized aluminum cone with a rubber surround. This driver features a 25mm 4 layer voice coil, raised spider, inverted dust cap, and extended pole piece. The voice coil is vented through the Kapton former, under the spider, and through the back plate.

Parameters are optimized for use in small vented enclosures in singles or duals. It features linear response through the passband with minimal breakup for a metal cone driver with 2db of inherent baffle step compensation. This woofer is designed to be used with the MAC-04 in a 3 way or in a 2-way with a robust tweeter.


Re (ohms) 7.809 Mms (g) 26.03

Fs (Hz) 48.85 SPL (1W/1m) 85.68

Vas (L) 9.947 Dd (mm) 130

Qts 0.4499 Magnet (g) 500

Qes 0.4846 Vc Height (mm) 12

Qms 6.283 Top Plate (mm) 4

Le 10k (mH) 1.007 Xmax overhang (mm) 4

Power handling (W) 75W* Usable response 45Hz – 2000Hz

MAC-06 Aluminum Cone Woofer

  • . All proceeds from this speaker driver go to Midwestaudioclub to help support DIY events

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