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These coils were used for measurements and development of JF coils.

 In perfect condition.


he Jantzen Audio Cross-Coils are premium-quality, audiophile-grade copper foil inductors. They feature 99.99% pure copper foil windings separated by an extremely thin layer of polypropylene film and tightly wrapped around a hardwood core.


Specifications: • Tolerance: ± 3.0% • Inductance: 0.62 mH • Wire gauge: 16 AWG • DC resistance: 0.27 Ohms • Dimensions: 2.32" x 1.00" • Power handling: 350 watts RMS for 16 gauge, 500 watts RMS for 14 gauge and 650 watts RMS for 12 gauge.


Jantzen Audio 0.62mH 16 AWG Copper Foil Inductor Crossover Coil

SKU: 000-7766
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