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These coils were used for measurements and development of JF coils.

 In perfect condition.


High grade laminated "I" core inductors are a perfect lower cost alternative for providing large inductance values with low DC resistance and efficient power transfer. Wound with 18 gauge wire to ±5% tolerance, these "I" core inductors will easily handle 250 watts of power. All inductors utilize a 1-1/4" square by 1-3/4" bobbin on a 1/2" square by 3" laminated iron core.  Made in USA.

Specifications: Inductance: 3.0 mH • Wire gauge: 18 AWG • DC resistance: 0.33 Ohms • Tolerance: ±5% • Power handling: 250 watts RMS.


Sold in Pairs


ERSE 3.0mH 18 AWG Laminated Iron Core Inductor pair

SKU: ELC54-18-3000
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