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Cabinet damping material 72" x 36" wide each yard. 3/8" thick. 

Sold per pc. 72"x 36"
Blended: Cotton, Jute, nylon and other synthetic fibers.


It is used for cushion padding or sound deadening 

Easily mold-able for your use. 

This material is approximately 3/8" inches thick.

This is made from Eco friendly 100% synthetic recycled fiber.

The color lots may vary slightly between rolls.

If you purchase a quantity 1 you will receive a piece that is 36” inches wide by 72” inches long.
This can be handled without gloves and does not contain any irritants or carcinogens.
This can be cut with a razor knife, shears, or scissors.
Other uses include horse blanket padding, sound deadening boards, wall or side panel insulation, and floor padding.

Covers surface irregularities better than direct glue down
Non-allergenic – no odors
Moisture and mildew resistance
Produced from 100% synthetic fibers
Excellent thermal insulation and acoustical properties

Cabinet Damping materials 72"x36"x3/8" thick

SKU: Syn-72x36
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