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5" Woofer with Truncated frame

 -woofer is intended for use in small surround sound speakers, compact monitors, or even as a small PC subwoofer.

- Long throw design for great Xmax

- Budget friendly

- Woofer in small 3-way design


Fs- 65.27hz

Qts- 0.45

Vas- 4.36L, 0.15cu.ft

SPL- 85.61 1w/1m

Re- 6.69ohm

Qes- 0.514

Cms- 0.418mmN

Le- 1.01 mH

Qms- 3.65

BL- 8.87

Mms- 14.22g

E5-08 5" Woofer 8ohm Truncated steel frame.

SKU: E5-08
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