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hoose the Audyn Q4 line of non-polarized crossover capacitors for your next speaker project, and you'll be amazed by their sonic transparency. Audyn has been trusted by European speaker builders since 1973. 68 µF capacitors are perfect for use in high-pass midrange and midbass crossovers.

Key Features

  • Features tightly wound MKP metalized polypropylene foil
  • Designed for super-low microphonics
  • Low loss of 0.0003% @ 1 kHz/20°C
  • 400 VDC voltage rating
  • Precision made in Germany with 5% tolerance

Audyn Cap Q4 68uF 400V MKP Metalized Polypropylene Foil Crossover Capacitor pair

SKU: Q4/68.0/400
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