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 Precision Series Audio Grade Bifilar 20 watt resistors are designed specifically for use in high-end, no compromise crossover networks. The nickel-chromium bifilar winding, a high thermal conductivity tubular ceramic core, welded construction, and completely non-magnetic components allow these resistors to pass audio signals while maintaining their original sonic character and detail. With a precision 1% tolerance, gold-plated oxygen free copper leads, and low-inductive bifilar wire wound construction, these resistors are an excellent choice for you next premium speaker design. Sold individually.


Dimensions: • 51.5 mm L x 14 mm diameter • 50 mm leads.

1.0 Ohm 20 Watt Precision 1% Audio Grade Bifilar Resistor

SKU: PR20-1.0
Expected Jan 1st.
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