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0.68uF 400v MKP Capacitor for crossover. 




All MKP capacitors are constructed of metallized polypropylene, especially manufactured for audio application. The 400M series capacitors are designed to compete with any Metallized Poly Cap on the market. Available in a wide range of capacitance values with low tolerance.  Superb detail and a all around great sounding capacitor! 

Specifications: • Rated: 400 VDC • Tolerance: 5% • Value: 0.68uF • 



  • 400 VDC
  • Best Performance for the price
  • 5% tolerance
  • Ultra low loss %
  • Diameter 9.8mm
  • Length 25.3mm

0.68uF 400v MKP Capacitor for crossover.

SKU: JF-400M-0.68
$1.99 Regular Price
$1.69Sale Price
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